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Summer is here! For others, summer is a time to kick back, relax and let yourself go. But not for you, because you've go goals!!! (And that's why I luv you)!

So how can you enjoy your summer too without undoing any work you've already done and also significantly progress toward what you have in mind for yourself this season?

Here are a few quick pointers:

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself
As a coach I can tell you that it's common for many to abandon their goals or go on...


What you tell yourself and believe is ultimately the source for your happiness, joy and success; as well as perceived limitations and obstacles. You hold a lot of power! Let's put it to good use by figuring out some great inner mantras that are uniquely you!

Traditionally, a mantra is a word or short statement chanted repetitively to assist in concentration during meditation. However, you may have heard the term used casually in your day-to-day and not always related to meditation....


Have you ever felt that you are your own worst enemy? I constantly urge my clients to pay attention to their thoughts- particularly that 'little voice' in your head, that really isn't quite so little.

That little voice - and inner enemy - has the power to hold you down and keep you stuck. I work with my clients on many tactics to help silence that negativity; however, in this piece I want to focus on the polar opposite of Negative Nancy, which is our inner cheerleader!



In my practice, I find that there are common theories as to why clients aren't achieving their true goals. These huge obstacles can make someone feel like they're stuck in one place and unable to advance.

As 'they' say, the first step is to admit there's a problem!

If you can identify with any of these usual suspects, then congratulations - you've taken your first step toward overcoming them!

Fear of Failure
Many of us stop ourselves from trying new things because...


Have you ever heard yogis or meditators talk about focusing on the breath? Have you ever looked at them and thought, “they have got to be kidding me?” If you have, you are definitely not alone. While some of us have been exposed to enough eastern or alternative philosophies to understand how the practice works, others of us are not too tuned in. Even some people who are well versed in it think it’s bull, so I want to present a different take on the whole idea.

I don’t want you to...


Many people struggle with making decisions. It could be something significant in your career or relationship or it could be a choice between two options at a restaurant. But decisions don’t have to be painful. Nor do they have to be a long drawn-out process that requires oodles if information and then more information and then even more information. In fact, you can learn how to become a powerful decision maker right now.

A word of warning: it’ll take some practice, honesty, and...


Our lives can get a bit complicated when trying to balance relationships and work. Many relationships will obstruct our career goals. I’ve learned the hard way that it’s easy to get blinded by your love for someone else and lose focus on your goals, and in turn this can affect your relationship as well. Whether you are in a relationship or still searching, it is necessary to balance your work and your love-life in a way that they can both benefit each other. Here are some points to focus on...


We have many thoughts during the day. What do you do with them?
Thoughts are divided to Positive and Negative.
All books, articles are telling you do not think negative be positive.
Positive thoughts will fill you with a joy and happiness and you will have a perfect time. But if you are occupied with negative thoughts – they are particularly draining. Thoughts with some words such as : “never”, “I can not do it”, “I’m not good enough”, will bring you down. Will ruined your...


• With some effort, you can change overnight.
• It is lifestyle, skill & art creation.
• Do not close your eyes when life is difficult.
• Choose to face it, to break old habits that do not serve you anymore.
• Set yourself free from negative influences that stop you from making deliberate choices.
• Find time for yourself.
• Reflect and think what you want.
• Focus on important things in your life.
• Eliminate distractions.
• Turn off...


Even before I became a coach, I was a major advocate of transformation. I never believed that any of us were cut out to be one thing - or do one thing only – for our whole lives.

When I was a kid, I believed my transformation would be in the form of education. While I craved a steady job, I felt like continuous learning would satisfy my craving for self-growth.

But nowadays, transformation is inevitable for many, whether it’s sought after or not.

An unsteady job market,...