What is a Life Coach?

When I tell people about our business, many of them ask me, what is a Life Coach. I like to answer this with a question: Do you know what Sports Coach is? Well a Sports Coach is someone who has the right tools to help you excel at your chosen sport. With their own experience and through their training they have the skills to teach and motivate you. Very often they will push you to your limit to help you getting the best possible result.

Well a Life Coach is no different. As a qualified Coach they are able to challenge you to excel at your life, in your relationship or in your business. They have the right tools and techniques so you can achieve your goals faster. Life Coaches are there for you when you push through your barriers.

You are not alone

 Most of them have been there themselves so:

  1. They can empathise with you and have real world experience
  2. Can also shed light on the learnings they got from this experience so you can feel supported
  3. They understand that often times life just deals out more challenges and you need to be prepared
  4. Understanding this hardship makes you more focused and appreciate those good things in your life.
  5. Your coach has come out the other end and is living on purpose, so you can too.

Why Now?

Why engage a life coach in your life? Simple you are not satisfied in your current state, you feel unfulfilled and you are not sure of your purpose. So you are a perfect candidate for a coach. They will:

  1. Be honest with you and help you discover what makes you authentically happy
  2. Discover what you have been doing and slowly change those habits that are no longer serving you
  3. Support you through the changes and realise that obstacles are a good thing, means you are heading in the right direction
  4. Make you have accountability between sessions  so you get the momentum and the feedback

Help you celebrate those changes and watch how the universe will send you more of what you truly want. As you give clear messages of what you need right now.