What does a Life Coach do?

When we introduce our services we are often asked about what does a Life Coach do? Simply they are an ally on your side, they see what you can become if you just get out of your head space and move into your heart space. They believe in your dreams and aspirations, they have walked the path of fire and have come out the other side, ready to help and support you their client, crossing those obstacles and challenges along the way. You want to change, the coach will assist you get there, helping you make discoveries and learnings along the way.

What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is someone who has accumulated life experiences and learnings and is in a position to help others. Assisting others to make changes in their own life, as the client wants to move in another direction, they need support, someone who has already walked that path. A life coach can come from any discipline or be any age, depends on their own maturity and ability to be non judgemental in the changing process and not be emotionally attached. They are change facilitators and see the ‘best’ version of you, they believe in your transformation and in your goals. They directly inspire you to be the best you can be as they hold themselves accountable in their own lives and live congruently, in alignment with their core values.

A great life coach will make you feel comfortable and ready to tackle any obstacle in front of you, they are alongside you every step of the way (if need be). You hired this coach for a reason and this coach accepted this coaching relationship to give you the best.

A life coach has gone through professional training to facilitate coaching sessions, they have learned the tools to maximise each session and be your ally. They have invested in their profession to offer you an excellent service.  After all you change yourself and you change the world...

How can a Life Coach help me?

A coach will help you move forward, helping you to make decisions that are in alignment with your core values. They will help you to overcome obstacles. And coaches will challenge you along your path. A life coach has vast experience in their chosen niche so they can be a wealth of information, providing suggestions, ideas, and inspiration. They are self motivators themselves, so you will also find this energy rubs off on you and getting to the next place in your life.  Whilst providing you with tools that you need to reach your goals.  Plus keeping you accountable to your dreams and goals in each session.

Having a good professional coach will make all the difference to your life and how you live from that day forward.

You may get there on your own to attain your goals and dreams, but with a great life coach you can make that journey quicker and get to your destination. Then you can create more inspiring and grandiose goals because you have achieved success already and know what you need to do in order to achieve it. A life coach is instrumental in that process.

A Life Coach does

  • Believe in you and your goals
  • Support you every step of the way (if needed)
  • Keep you moving forward by taking action
  • Make sure you are accountable to your goals
  • Ensure you are ready to take the next step
  • Ask you questions that can be challenging
  • Help you gain more clarity
  • Help you to become more aware of what is important and what you can control
  • Be honest in all conversations
  • Give you the tools you need to reach your goal
  • Allow you to stay true to yourself in the face of challenges

 What A Life Coach doesn’t do

  1. They do not have an agenda with your life, so they do not dictate your actions
  2. Offer you advice and tell you what to do
  3. Act as a therapist
  4. Be your counsellor
  5. Become your best friend