What areas of my life can a Life Coach help me with?

Life Coaching is a very broad term and can mean many things to different people. A Life Coach will usually look at different areas of your life as they are very often related. By improving one area of your life you will find that you also improve other areas.

Some of the most common issues addressed are:

  • Building your self esteem/confidence
  • Improving your relationship with your partner or with other people in general
  • Career Alignment 
  • Becoming a healthier you
  • Creating financial wealth
  • Realising that you want more and not sure what it is

When choosing a coach, make sure you read their biography and you visit their website. Try to get as much information and look for testimonials and any client feedback on their social media sites. It is important that you can relate to your coach. If you need help finding the right coach for you, contact us and we will recommend several coaches to you that we think are a good match for you.

Life Coaching Modalities

Whilst the list below is far from complete, we have created detailed definition for following areas of Life Coaching: