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Are you a small business owner who feels frustrated or overwhelmed about your business or your life? If you aren't satisfied with the results you are getting, feel like your business has taken over your life don't know what to do to grow your business I can help. I have owned 5 businesses of my own and have worked with hundreds of business owners since opening my first consulting company in 1999. My passion is showing business owners all over the world how they can make money AND have a life they love. Call today for your free 30 minute strategy session in the USA dial - 1-805-669-7160 or e-mail me Contact @ (note you'll need to retype this without spaces). Isn't it time you felt in control?


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18 years 7 months ago
Personal Awareness Coaching
Business Coaching
Executive Coaching
Small Business
Baby Boomers
Stress Management
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Challenge you to be your best
Customer Focused
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Call to learn about a Free 30 minute Single Problem Solver Session or our New client Special for a 2-Hour Business Development Strategy Session for only $195.00 USD - Call for pricing for on-going Consulting, Group Programs, and on-site training rates
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Face to Face
Group Coaching
On-site Corporate Location
Giving Presentations
Favourite Client: 
I love working with people who are open minded and ready to create a life that they LOVE and a business that thrives. They are willing to try some new things and consider new perspectives. Once they know where they want to go I can help them in getting there. My Ideal client wants to work with someone who can offer suggestions and possibilities to help them move forward in a productive way.

Reviews for Coach

“I have had worked with many marketing strategists over my 20-year career and had lost faith in the industry until I met Jennifer Martin. She is absolutely the most uniquely gifted Business Consultant I have met. Her gift of practicality with vision has changed the way I approach marketing my business. I know if I need direction with growing my business I can get my money’s worth with a phone call.”
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“Within the first month I was convinced that Jennifer is a brilliant business coach—both challenging and supportive and able to maintain a progressive balance between two business partners with strong opinions. I've been through many kinds of professional improvement classes, but never anything that was so practical, useful and transformative. We were able to break through some deep barriers and find common ground along with personally satisfying ground. Now we're better positioned to move forward together. Jennifer has created the comfortable yet challenging environment that encouraged that to happen. “
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“Business consulting with Jennifer Martin has helped me enormously. She has especially supported me as I clarified my vision for my business as a wellness practitioner. I felt like I was stagnating and I wanted some fresh ideas. She was the perfect person to guide me to implementing new strategies and getting me excited again about what I do. I feel like I'm constantly growing as an entrepreneur as a result of the tools I learned from my work with Jennifer. I highly recommend her to guide anyone to the next level regardless of where you are now.”
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“We have utilized many coaches and business building trainings in the past. Unfortunately, none were able to coach both of our individual personalities to effectively push us both out of our comfort zone. Jennifer has the unique ability to understand where her clients are in business and life. She forms a plan of action that resonates with each client pushing them to be and do what they did not know possible. As husband/wife co-owners, Jennifer was able to help us get past barriers we could not break through on our own. With Jennifer’s ability to challenge yet support, we reached our original 10-year goals in just over 18 months. Anyone in business who has the desire to succeed would be lucky to have Jennifer as his or her coach.
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“In 1 year I went from owning a FAILING supermarket to owning a GROWING supermarket. With Jennifer's help we've experienced an 11% upward trend in sales, which is huge in our tough industry.”
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