Who are we?

The concept of Click A Life Coach was conceived, by Paola Branas-Born and Thomas Born. Paola had been working successfully as a Life Coach and Thomas was working in the IT Industry and they wanted to join their talents to build something new. We had the vision to collaborate with life coaches and support them in their work, providing one place for potential customers to find their next Life Coach. So many coaches are sole traders and attract different clients, we wanted to bring this collective group under one banner and thus Click A Life Coach was born. We also didn’t want to be limited by country or state and so we began to have a Global view and attract Life Coaches from all over the world who wanted to collaborate, share and be listed on our website.

Life Coaching is not just about the destination of where you want to go; firstly it is a deep personal journey of self discovery, and self empowerment, and making many mistakes along the way. Then getting the learnings and support you need to re-programme your thinking and believing along the way. You are the master of your destiny, so make everyday count.