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Amanda Scocozzo is a certified life coach, with continued studies in strategic intervention , non violent communications and nuerolinguistic programming, As your coach, we can work on various aspects of your life including but not limited to self esteem, finding your voice & purpose, financial abundace and relationships. The accountability and goals we set forth will put you on the right path to reaching your goals and maintaining focus. In additon to indiviidual coaching sessions, we can also do group coaching to assist in the communication and bonding within your relationships and or family. These sessions are useful in learning to...
Steve specialises and has a passion to coach people who are looking for positive changes in their lives. The purpose of his coaching is to empower people to take control over their lives; to achieve the happiness and success that they desire; and to bring out the best in themselves to reach their full potential. He is committed to assisting people in identifying and resolving obstacles that are stopping them from achieving desired outcomes in their life. Steve firmly believes that coaching can profoundly improve & transform all aspects of people’s lives and help them to achieve the results that they desire.
I understand the need to be sensitive, supportive and non-judgemental. My style reflects each client’s needs; assisting with fast moving change or reflective discussions. I encourage you to discuss what you find fruitful to share, at your own pace. I establish a rapport and a confidential, trusting relationship at an early stage. Clients have told me of their relief in feeling able to talk openly about difficult and challenging circumstances without fear of judgement or being told what to do. I have a powerful combination of coaching and training expertise. My training experience in skills such as assertiveness, public speaking & time...
I believe that deep down you know that there is something you are meant to do or be in this world. That your passions have something to show you. That your life purpose is on the other side of those passions. That the Perfect fit for your life is right in front of you, you might not see it…. yet. I believe in living life to the fullest. Living connected to your heart so that the world can feel your presence. Your past does not define your future, but only adds to your wisdom. Your ideas are not too large, others just may not always understand you. Your time can be enough, when you make it work for you. Your passions can become a reality and...
We all dream of things we want to do Well turn those dreams into reality Our philosophy at Jump in the Puddles Dreamit . Planit . Doit All our programmes help you find the confidence to Jump in and make your dreams a reality. It is all up to you If you are able to conceive it, you are able to do it. Creating a life you want to live is as easy as creating the dream. You just need a different mind set. Dreamit . Planit . Doit Turn your dreams into reality So why should you trust me to help you Because I have been there and come out the other end I have had my fair share of dreams in life and some have not quite turned out the way I wanted, Oh...
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Paola is a loving mother of two, a wife, sister, daughter, a nutrition and lifestyle coach with a Medical background and a Masters in Public Health. She decided to move from clinical practice to public health research to fulfill her passion for health promotion and health prevention, by working with clients she is now sharing her knowledge and inspiring young families to develop healthy lifestyle habits for life. She received her training as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutritions cutting-edge Health Coach Training Program. She studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative...
Are you a professional woman who’s unhappy at work? What if by reading this, you discovered your route to being happy at work *and* getting paid well? So keep reading if you’re a professional woman and one or more of these sound like your worklife right now: 1) You’d love to do something you enjoy more, but you’re afraid it'll mean a drop in salary 2) You’re worried you won’t get other jobs because your current career is the only thing you’re qualified to do 3) You don't know which career path to take or where to focus your efforts
I am a certified life coach. I have a niche in career coaching and relationship coaching. I believe in people and their ability to turn around and change things. There are times when it seems that the world's burden is on our heads and the moment we turn around we can see a lot more footsteps that have been through the same path. I believe we live multiple lives in our own and its important we make each of them special and worthwhile. I empower my clients to achieve their goals the best way they think possible. I bring to the clarity of perspectives and the adaptability to situations. I help my clients to achieve their GOALS. IN TIME AND...
- “Léa is the new starlet of the self-help world and will with no doubt touch the heart and transform the lives of many.” - Hannah Agnieszka, Digital Coordinater at TATE Life and personal development coaching for women who want to create more meaningful lives, manifest their desires and abundance while connecting to their authentic and higher selves, having more fun, joy and fulfilment! Léa specilises in helping people to manifest their desires and connect with their higher selves to find fulfillment, true happiness and peace. “While I empower people to go after their dreams and teach them a range of powerful tools and techniques to manifest...
Does your soul call to you? In the dark of night, soft and gentle, nothing more than a whisper, you hear it call to you, a yearning, a tug. Persistent, gentle, but ever present... A Call to live your divine mission, to be fully present. A Call to love life, to get through your life lessons with as few scars as possible. A yearning to embrace the true you, so you can be a guiding light to those you love. If you are looking to change and expand your awareness, I can help you. By using powerful techniques, meditations and physical actions, including Law of Attraction principals, you will: Become more aware of your body Become more aware of your...


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  • "Steve. Thanks so much for your help over the last few months.

    Tony Caine
  • 'Maggie helped me to recognise that I was stagnating and I chose not to do that any longer.

  • Before the coaching I was feeling very anxious and tense, and had a few other related issues.

    Chris Arbonne, UK
  • "Maggie you changed my outlook on being single for Valentine's that's for sure, I bought myself a lovely meal, DVD and scented candl