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Posted on Monday, October 04 2010 by Thomas Born :: Comments (0)RSS comment feed :: Article Rating
It is scary, but it is less than 3 months to Christmas and as a business owner we are making sure that we keep in touch with our customers. This is the perfect time to think how you would like to send this years Christmas greetings. Two years ago we were sending out electronic Christmas cards to everyone and handwritten cards to a selected group of customers. We received great feedback about the handwritten cards, but no feedback whatsoever for electronic greeting cards. After looking at my Spam Folder, this didn’t surprise me. Just before Christmas or any of the big holidays, the number of greeting cards that I receive multiplies by 50. None of them are legitimate, all is Spam. I actually stopped looking at anything that says greeting card. I am sure I am not the only one, meaning  that when you send 100 cards electronically maybe one gets read (if you are lucky). The problem with handwriting cards is that as our client base grows, this becomes very time consuming. Two years ag...

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