De-Stress Your Success- Book Review

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De-Stress Your Success- Book Review

De-stress your Success by Sacha Crouch

Here is a book that is both inspiring and practical. It gives you some great real-life examples how people have overcome their own obstacles in managing their stress levels. The real bonus in my opinion is that the author shares with you her learnings, tips and offers suggestions to get your life back on track.

The 6 Elements that are covered:
1)      Chapter 1: Solidify Your Priorities. What is important to you, what are your values and your big picture? What defines your happiness?
2)      Chapter 2: Choose Freedom over Approval. You cannot have approval and freedom at the same time. If you crave others to validate what you do, then you are limiting your own freedom as you place constraints on your success. What is perfection anyway? It is just your perception of what perfect is, and others will vary in opinion. So spend less energy and stress wanting to gain others approval.
3)      Chapter 3: Practice Letting Go: Being attached to certain outcomes, can use up so much energy and cause you stress, here you learn to let go of the outcome and it creates the opportunity to be at peace no matter what else is in your life.
4)      Chapter 4: Embrace the Process: This is like being absorbed in the present moment; you are focused and centred on each task. You are not in reliving the past or forecasting your future you are simply in the now and in the flow.
5)      Chapter 5: Demand more of Yourself: To live the life you really authentically want you need to face the things you are putting off, procrastination has no part in this new reality. You need to demand more of yourself to get over these hurdles once and for all and create better serving habits.
6)      Chapter 6: Work Your (simple) Plan: You need a plan, a routine to make permanent change and with creating new habits and being totally honest with yourself, seeing your big picture you align yourself with what is really your life purpose. This will create lasting change.
The aim of this book is to give the reader some practical suggestions to master the steps of balanced success. Plus being consistent in applying of these simple principles into their daily lives. Only through change can you create the life you really want.
Naturally being a coach, I highly recommend this book for anybody who feels some type of stress in their daily lives and feels out of balance with themselves and what they need to achieve in the day.
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