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Well we are at the end of our second week here in Chile and it seems that we have been here for a longer time. We have done so much already, covered many kms sightseeing, taking over 200 photos and have eaten our way through many restaurants, cafes and naturally enjoyed home-cooked meals. Yes holidays are made of this. When you relax mentally your body also relaxes and some people get sick as their immune system also relaxes. Well that was the first 10 days for the 3 of us; it was bound to happen with the temperature change plus the time zone difference. Holidays have that impact on you I guess, now I am in a better place and can take in the atmosphere of this sleepy little village. We are about 2 hours drive from the capital on the coast. Nice place to unwind and watch the seagulls up above.

Remember that even though it is a holiday, anything can happen and being flexible is the key that is my lesson I take from this trip and share with you. When you are easy-going things will happen, sure you may have a fixed time table to catch a bus or plane and you need to be on time. However for more mundane activities you need to let go and let the holiday happen. Too many times I have seen and experienced un-necessary stress as you fuss around other people and getting them on your agenda. Nine out of ten times this will not work just more frustration and stress. Remember you are not in Switzerland and things in most Latin American countries take time, ‘their time’ so you just breathe and take in the view.
If you have 1001 things you must do during your trip you are bound to feel frustration as logistically this may not be possible, so be prepared to accommodate and focus on being present in your current activity.
We had planned a nice drive up the coast today, both my little girl and husband have opted out and are taking a siesta instead.  So I am writing this as a little reminder to self, be flexible.


You are right. When we are on vacation, we should enjoy our surroundings, be flexible to circumstances, and take it easy as the saying goes. Some people don't like to take a tour because they want to go wherever that takes their fancy and whenever their mood dictates. Some people want to take a tour because they want to see all the places that should be seen as usually offered by a tour. As long as you can relax and enjoy yourself without worrying you have to do this or that, then it is a vacation you really want to have.
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