What Energy are You Sending Out?

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What Energy are You Sending Out?
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A fellow colleague told me the story about a training organization that is not functioning very well. They are not paying their employees on time and have very little internal communication. Needless to say they are not working as effectively and the morale is at an all time low. This obviously affects their service delivery as staff do not feel valued and also impacts direct business. Their enrollments for courses and workshops are struggling to fill up. The energy is negative and thus so is the results that they are getting. From an outsider’s perspective I ask " if you do not have integrity and value towards your employees how can you attract new business and retain good working relationships with your clients?".

As I often say, if you work on the internal and get this right then the external will match this, as you become congruent with your environment and you begin to attract opportunities and meet the right people that will help you on your journey.

As a coach, I am fully aware of energy and what I can do each day to keep it in balance. if you value certain things then they happen naturally , if you struggle with your balance then it is time you to get some assistance.

Don’t underestimate the power of energy, it is a powerful source and it does radiate from within, you may have heard this from healers, yoga and meditation teachers they focus on the energy and the healing around it. We are all energy sources ourselves it is just up to us what message we want to send out. So when you are feeling low you send out a certain vibration and when you are grateful and in a state of bliss this too sends a message. Just watch what happens to your physiology when you feel great and excited, your pulse races, your heart is strong and your face shines.

Watching children gives you a wonderful perspective at these raw emotions they just are, no hidden agenda and they tell you via their energy how they are feeling, as an observer you learn a great deal from these little people. They enjoy the little things the most, like a gift wrapping holds more intrigue than the actual present. They are masters at displaying their true energies, just watch then and learn.


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