Generation Y - Are They Living In This World?

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I never thought the day would come when I would say “where are the good old days of emails?” To yearn for a letter, well that’s just outdated … but an email???

Understandably as technology improves, the ways in which we communicate are constantly changing. First there was MySpace, then YouTube. The latest craze to hit our virtual world is Facebook, another social network. To the untrained eye (that is, me) it seems much like MySpace (though probably has better viral marketing).

So, as is the case with these fads, I joined – begrudgingly. Now I realise I’m at the more “mature” end of Gen Y and that this comment makes me feel old (as though already I’m not able to keep up with change) but I’m totally overloaded. Between a website, blogs, online newsletters, regular emails (all of which require immediate attention of course), I feel like I’m constantly glued to a computer.

My relationships with my friends and family are all screened and observed by my little black laptop!

So my way of dealing with all of this – total boycott for a whole week! (Well except for emails, living 17000kms away from home means you still crave some cyber love!)

So is this the right answer, probably not. Not only do you have an enormous amount of work to do when you come back online, but it also means you’ve missed out on important moments in your friends lives.

Nothing beats a good catch up over a coffee (or a hot chocolate if you’ve never been able to embrace caffeine like myself), but I’m afraid that unless you take it in your stride, you may miss out on your friends’ lives altogether…


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