Flow me a River

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When you are in a state of flow, everything just happens, your path is as clear as day as you navigate yourself to the ultimate goal. Life becomes simplified and a joy in everyway. Then you maybe tested with an unforeseen obstacle. You hesitate as you ponder what this really means and wonder if your momentum is compromised. By the time you assess the situation you find yourself in a limbo state, then the negative thoughts take over like a fever and your mind is confused as you ramble to make sense of it all.

Obstacles mean we are moving towards what we want, so see them as what they are: as obstacles to overcome and this will re-establish your momentum and your energy flow. Flow is still there you just recognized a bump on the road; this doesn’t stop your flow it just makes you realize that you need to keep going and soon enough others will come to you as you radiate this energy. Like attracts like so you cannot help but receive those resources that will assist you get there. Just ensure you see the bigger picture and what this means for you.

And NEVER ever GIVE up, this is when obstacles overcome you and you give into the resistance and the negative thinking. If you experience this see it for what is really is and not blame others for your predicament, you gave up. So you can pick yourself up and keep going there are no prizes for getting there in record time, so regroup and get assistance.

A coach is great for that, so are you worth the investment? What will they help you achieve? You cannot afford not to do it; they will be there for you and be a supportive.

When you are a state of complete flow the path is illuminated, it is bright and shiny and you take each step forward towards your goal. You are feeling so invincible and strong. Nothing can stop you.


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